Extending a Helping Hand: Alleviating the Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

In 2021, the number of Venezuelan refugees and migrants was predicted to reach 7 million, according to a report from the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States released on December 30, 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic worsened the plight of Venezuelan refugees in Colombia. Between March and September 2020, 134,000 individuals were compelled to return to their unstable homes after losing their sources of income. The situation was exacerbated by the denial of vital supplies by the Venezuelan government, causing suffering for millions.

The hardship experienced by these refugees, including unemployment, homelessness, and lack of basic necessities like food, water, and electricity, was further compounded by the influence of armed groups that claimed control over certain areas, asserting themselves as ‘COVID crisis controllers’.

To address these challenges, Give to the World partnered with Motorrad Angels in Colombia. Together, they provided clean water filtration systems, distributed essential supplies like food and medical items, and even extended dental care to vulnerable communities. A special “work forward” initiative empowered single mothers by helping them establish coffee carts, granting them a sustainable source of income. By supporting these communities, Give to the World aimed to alleviate the refugees’ burdens and weaken the grip of armed groups.

Venezuela’s dire situation persisted as it entered its seventh year of economic crisis, with about a quarter of the population requiring humanitarian aid. Fuel, food, and medicine shortages plagued those remaining within the country’s borders. Regrettably, essential aid continued to be withheld by the government, exacerbating the suffering of countless Venezuelans.

Impact of your Generosity​

The impact of your generosity has been substantial. Since 2019, Give to the World’s collaboration with Motorrad Angels has positively affected 47,004 individuals across Venezuela, Colombia, and Honduras. Your support has played a pivotal role in delivering crucial supplies, including food, clean water, and medicine, to Venezuelan refugees in Colombia, offering them hope and relief in their time of need.

Since 2019

Positively affected

47,004 individuals

across Venezuela, Colombia, and Honduras.


Your support provides people in need with lifesaving resources.