Civilians continue to bear the brunt of conflict in Syria.

As fighting is in its tenth year, the scale, severity, and complexity of humanitarian needs remain extensive. The conflict has resulted in an estimated 11.1 million people in need of humanitarian assistance. Access to healthcare has been severely restricted due to a deterioration in the functionality of medical equipment. This deterioration results from a lack of maintenance and a lack of medical supplies resulting from the conflict.

In addition to this, more than 6.7 million Syrians have become refugees, with a similar number internally displaced. Internally displaced persons (IDPs) in north-western Syria face horrific conditions in camps, advances by Syrian government forces, and limited access to food and medicine. Syrian refugees have primarily fled to neighbouring Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq throughout the conflict – exacerbating already struggling healthcare and welfare systems throughout the region.

Impact of your Donation

Give to the World assists stabilization efforts in the middle east by providing the life-saving resources necessary to strengthen families and communities in their daily struggle for survival. Your contributions save lives, alleviate suffering, restore dignity, and provide the foundation for further economic, political, and social development.

Since 2019


7593 people


15 facilities

(mixed hospitals and clinics)

SAMS our partner on the ground, provides life-saving resources for Syrian refugees and struggling host country communities to alleviate social tensions.

Your support addressed the needs in 15 major facilities (mixed hospitals and clinics), providing personal protective gears and equipment (PPEs) for the medical and non-medical personnel, infection prevention and control (IPC) disinfectants and supplies. This support allowed the medical staff to remain safe while caring for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients and serving other hospitalized patients.



Your support provides people in need with lifesaving resources.