In Pakistan, humanitarian needs are driven by armed conflict, natural disasters, and a malnutrition crisis. ​

An estimated 20.6 million people out of a total population of more than 231 million will continue to need humanitarian assistance in 2023, largely driven by a lack of access to clean water and health services, and increased food insecurity and high malnutrition rates.

Pakistan has also been named particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 due to its weak health infrastructure, financial instability, large population, and a lack of adherence to preventative measures. Moreover, families in rural areas suffer economic losses due to restrictions on movement and employment because of the pandemic. Pakistan’s current government system and current healthcare facilities have already been overwhelmed and are not enough to respond to this crisis by themselves, particularly if cases continue to rise.


Impact of your Donation

Give to the World assists stabilization efforts in Pakistan by providing the life-saving resources necessary to strengthen families and communities in their daily struggle for survival. Your contributions save lives, alleviate suffering, restore dignity, and provide the foundation for further economic, political, and social development.
Give to the World provides emergency response and long-term support to Pakistan, including remote areas. With your donation, we will support the distribution of food packs to fight malnutrition, water filters to combat sanitation issues and water-borne illness, and medical supplies and equipment to support health clinics providing patients with life-saving medical care. Since 2018, our work in Pakistan has impacted 62294 people.

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"We used to travel to another village to fetch water, and now we have more time to study."

— Raheel, 12 years old, from Degenareyo, Pakistan

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