Give to the World and Tierra Grata: Changing Lives Together

In collaboration with Tierra Grata, Give to the World is proud to spearhead initiatives that bring lasting change to Indigenous communities. Our joint mission focuses on the often-overlooked communities that are fragile and underserved by governmental support. With a shared belief in progress and environmental betterment, our partnership creates a profound impact.

Our shared vision is grounded in the belief that every family should have access to essential services, regardless of their location or circumstances. This conviction drives our efforts to provide decentralized, affordable, and sustainable solutions for clean energy, clean water, and proper sanitation in rural and peripheral areas.

One of the remarkable outcomes of this partnership is the Baño Grato project. This innovative decentralized sanitation solution is not only conserving water but also ensuring safety and comfort. By separating liquids and solids, it saves up to 27 thousand liters of water per person every year. Additionally, the incorporation of a shower area addresses a critical need for security and privacy, particularly benefiting rural women and girls.

Agua Grata, another testament to our joint efforts, introduces a water filter made of clay, colloidal silver, and sawdust. Through drip filtration, it delivers up to 40 liters of safe water daily, offering a storage capacity of 20 liters. This ingenious solution significantly decreases gastrointestinal diseases and alleviates the financial burden on families.

However, our impact goes beyond technology; it is the result of community involvement. Working hand-in-hand, we establish local management committees known as Guardians of Light or Guardians of Water. Comprising youth, women, and leaders within the community, these Guardians are the cornerstone of sustainability. Through training in installation, maintenance, and various related skills, they ensure the continuous success of our programs.

Impact of Your Generosity

The installation of innovative toilets, a prime example, was made possible through Give to the World’s funding. Thanks to the participation of teachers and students, the process became an educational journey. Teachers emerged as champions of change, relaying the benefits of these facilities to the community in a relatable manner.
The partnership between Give to the World and Tierra Grata is like a light of hope for Indigenous communities. Through simple solutions and empowering the community, we’re creating a better future that will last. Together, we’re lighting up the path to progress and harmony for everyone.

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