How we Work

Our work is focused on the front end of the humanitarian-development continuum.

Our support for immediate needs is a bridge towards longer-term development efforts in the areas we serve. Our supplies save lives, restore dignity, strengthen communities and build the foundations necessary for economic, political and social stability, all critical precursors to development.

From years of experience, Give to the World knows that by pooling expertise and resources effectively we can achieve more together than we ever could on our own. We establish long-term and trusted partnerships with recognized non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that have extensive experience and a proven track record of effectiveness for distribution on the ground. We guide donations to the areas where they will have the maximum impact by using the immense knowledge and expertise of our team and our partners, providing support when and where it is most needed.

Specific areas of need are identified using a beneficiary driven approach.

 We then work to meet those needs by raising funds, identifying suppliers, coordinating logistics, and ensuring delivery. Once life-saving resources are delivered we monitor their use to ensure accountability using our proprietary remote management process. Throughout this process, we take every measure to protect the safety and security of our beneficiaries and partners.

We offer our donors the unique opportunity to affect positive change in some of the hardest to reach areas of the world. At times we support areas highlighted in the media and at other times support crises which no longer, or never did, receive the media attention they deserve. We maximize every dollar through our use of volunteers and well-established business practices, such as local procurement, low-cost and targeted fundraising, and virtual offices to limit our overhead costs. Our minimal costs enable us to run a highly efficient charity that puts almost every dollar raised toward achieving our goals and ensuring the greatest possible impact for those we serve.

How We Work