Our Story


​​Give to the World is the direct outgrowth of our founder’s personal humanitarian work in conflict zones, where he was greatly affected by the poverty, suffering and instability he observed in the societies of these war-torn countries.

Families, with parents unable to work, were living in terror of losing loved ones and in great need of staples such as food, clothing, stable shelter, and medical care. Women were dying in childbirth for lack of nutrition and medical support, newborns were close to freezing to death for want of simple warmth, people of all ages were reduced to shadows of their former selves by war, injury, malnutrition and diseases such as malaria, diabetes and cholera. He used his personal savings to purchase the inventory of basic medicines, blankets, shoes and clothing required by the local civilians.

The effects of his efforts were two-fold. By providing what material support he could, he helped to ease the suffering of dozens of civilians, old and young alike. Simultaneously, he was able to help assuage the prevalent causes sowing the seeds of instability.
After his return from these areas, Give to the World’s founder began recruiting like-minded volunteers committed to saving lives, easing suffering, and spreading American goodwill aboard.
This decision allowed Give to the World to provide meaningful support to more suffering people through its shipments. The weight of shipments are much reduced, as are the costs of shipping. For the same costs of some of our earlier shipments that may have served hundreds of people, we can send medicines and equipment to serve thousands of people.

Importantly, the provision of these medicines, medical supplies and equipment enables those who are suffering to address one of their most important fundamental needs - good health.

Continually reassessing Give to the World’s impact has led to shifts in strategy over the years to maximize every dollar donated. Despite a focus on medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, Give to the World remains flexible and supports an array of programs that our implementing partners are leading to ensure the needs of those we serve are being met. In addition to medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, Give to the World has provided water filters in remote areas, paid for salaries of local medical staff, and provided basic foods and supplies for those affected by conflict and natural disasters.


Our Commitment


The Beginning

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Daily Promotions

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