Adnan Kifayat

Executive Advisory Board

Adnan Kifayat is a senior resident fellow at the German Marshall Fund (GMF), where he advises the organization on its efforts to strengthen leadership development and Next Generation strategies in the transatlantic region and its joint work in programming the OCP Policy Center Atlantic Fellowship in Europe, North Africa, and sub-Saharan Africa. He also contributes to the continued development of GMF’s Leadership, Diversity and Inclusion Initiative.

Adnan has held senior positions in public service, including at the White House, State Department, and Treasury Department, where he established partnerships with strategic allies to cooperate in trade, finance, development and stabilization. Until 2014, Adnan served as Secretary of State John Kerry’s acting special representative to Muslim communities and was instrumental in creating programs to broaden and deepen U.S. diplomatic engagement through social entrepreneurship, political empowerment, and shared commitments to security. As senior advisor to the under secretary of state for public diplomacy, he led the development and deployment of the Public Diplomacy 2.0 Initiative, which helped transform the State Department into a new media-savvy institution. His work at the Treasury Department resulted in initiatives and agreements to promote financial cooperation between the United States and key partners, in the Middle East, G8, and Asia. He served twice on the National Security Council staff to coordinate issues across the Middle East and Africa.